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Baskimaa on alue Atlantin rannikolla rajavyöhykkeellä valtioiden Espanjan ja Ranskan. It covers the three provinces of the Autonomous Community of Basque as well as the province of Navarra in Spain and the northern Basque country in France in the west of the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The Basque Country is bordered on the sea side by the Cantabrian Sea and in the south by the Ebro.

The climate is characterized on the north side of the inner mountain mountains at all seasons mildly and distinctly by the near Atlantic and thus dampened maritime climate. For this reason the Basque country is very green and vegetation-rich compared to the interior of the country. The Ebro basin, on the other hand, is rather continental, comparatively low in precipitation, and sometimes extremely hot in summer.

Circuit Summer COUNTRY BASQUE TO COMPLETE with Basque Country French. Guaranteed departure from Andalucia, C. Mancha, …

7 days – 6 nights
Guaranteed Spring Circuits in 2017 by Spain and EUROPE.
Circuit COUNTRY BASQUE TO COMPLETE with Basque Country French. 6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS Full Board (Water and Wine).
SALIDAS GUARANTEED from Andalucia, Estremadura, Murcia, Valencia, Castilla la Mancha ….
Check departure times according to the city of origin.
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Next departures Spring 2017
16 and 23 Huhtikuu 380 € H3 * 440 € H4 *
7 and 21 Saattaa 385 € H3 * 445 € H4 *
4 and 18 Kesäkuu 405 € H3 * 465 € H4 *

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Sunday: BILBAO
Departure at the indicated time from the terminal. Short stops en route. Lunch by the customer. Arrival to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Excursion INCLUDED to San Sebastián, where the Bay of La Concha is one of the most known and charismatic areas. Highlights in the city are monuments such as the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the Palace of Miramar, the Museum of San Telmo or the early-century houses of the Spanish bourgeoisie that stand out
The beach of La Concha, but if there is something that surprises the visitors when arriving to the city, it is the bars bars full of delicious pintxos, ready to be tasted with a good vinito txacoli. LUNCH IN RESTAURANT. Excursion INCLUDED to Zarautz, villa of strong maritime tradition maintained along
The centuries, capturing whales, goes until century XVI. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Excursion INCLUDED to Guernika, its Tree is the most universal symbol of the Basques, around it and the House of Juntas, weave a remarkable historical nucleus. The Park of the Peoples of Europe is today a symbol and meeting point for peace. Then visit to Bermeo. Back to the hotel. LUNCH. Excursion
INCLUDING Vitoria, Basque autonomous capital that counts on an important historical helmet crowned by the Old Cathedral. Very remarkable is the Gothic set of the Casa de la Posta, former inn of the XV century. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION

BREAKFAST. Excursion INCLUDED to Biarritz, a beautiful Basque-French town dating from the European nobility since Napoleon III and his wife, Eugenia de Montijo bought a dune in front of the sea and built a grand palace, now a luxury hotel. With the Avenue de la Emperatriz as a guide we can stroll around Biarritz at our whim. Then visit to Saint John of Light. LUNCH IN RESTAURANT. Excursion INCLUDED to Hondarribia, the first city of the Spanish Cantabrian coast, is separated from the French city of Hendaye by the river Bidasoa, natural border between France and Spain. Lively holiday center, preserving an interesting old town and close to the port, is the marina, fishing district with the typical houses of colorful balconies. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Excursion INCLUDED with LOCAL GUIDE Bilbao, capital of Vizcaya where we can visit its old neighborhoods like the Moyua Square, the Gran Vía or the Seven Streets. Free time to visit New Bilbao, where works by the most famous architects stand out: the Guggenheim Museum, Norman Foster Metro, jne.. Back to the hotel. LUNCH. Excursion INCLUDED to Loyola, birthplace of San Ignacio de Loyola, next to the manor house of San Ignacio, the Company of Jesus built in the XVIII century, a great sanctuary of Italian style. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Early departure to the city of origin. Short stops en route. Lunch by the customer. Arrival. THE END OF THE TRIP

FROM 435.00 €

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