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  Baskimaa on alue Atlantin rannikolla rajavyöhykkeellä valtioiden Espanjan ja Ranskan. It covers the three provinces of the Autonomous Community of Basque as well as the province of Navarra in Spain and the northern Basque country in France in the west of the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The Basque Country

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PLANNING OF THE ACTIVITIES ON THE VÍA VERDE DEL ACEITE Package 5 days / 4 nights – 1st day: 10:00 a.m.: Pick up in Malaga and transfer to Jaén Lunch: Free 4:00 p.m.: Route by bike along the Vía Verde. JaénMartos. Distance: 30 km 7:00 p.m.: Arrival in Martos and accommodation in Hotel Ciudad de Martos 9:00

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Circuito Cultural Garantizado ASTURIAS NATURALEZA PLENA@tripdream

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Circuito Cultural Garantizado ASTURIAS NATURALEZA PLENA. Salida en autobus Toda España. 6 päivää – 5 noches Circuitos Culturales en Autobus de febrero a septiembre 2017 . ¡CIRCUITOS CON SALIDAS GARANTIZADAS! ASTURIAS NATURALEZA PLENA, con SALIDAS GARANTIZADAS desde Galicia, Asturias, Pais Vasco, Cantabria, Aragon, Rioja, Navarra, Katalonia, Castilla Leon, Castilla la Mancha, Valencia, Murcia, Andalucia y Extremadura Serán 6

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Schoenes Italien @tripdream

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Das schoene Italien, dass, wie bereits bekannt ist, an einen Stiefel erinnert, liegt auf einer von Nordwest nach Südost gerichteten Halbinsel. Die grossen Mittelmeerinseln Sizilien und Sardinien sowie die Inselgruppen der Liparischen und Aegadischen Inseln gehoeren zu Italien. Das Klima ist subtropisch mit teilweise sehr deutlichen Unterschieden in den verschiedenen Regionen. Die italienische Küche gilt als eine der einflussreichsten Landesküchen

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The Black Forest is Germany’s highest and largest cohesive low mountain range and is in the south-west of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is the most important tourist region of the federal state and the most visited holiday destination among the German low mountain range. Mostly densely wooded, the Black Forest stretches from the High Rhine in the south to

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Alsace is a landscape and former region in the east of France. It stretches over the western part of the Upper Rhine Deep Plateau and extends to the north-west with the bent Alsace as far as the Lorraine plateau. In the north and east, Alsace is bordered by Germany, to the south by Switzerland, the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and in

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The Périgord is an old province of the southwest of France, located to the northeast of Aquitaine, between Quercy and Charente. Its territory is divided between the departments of Dordogne and Lot and Garonne. Its climate is particularly temperate and its relief is characterized by calcareous highlands eroded by the rivers, thus offering precious valleys redeemed of great cliffs that

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