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The kingdom of Aragón was a state structure of medieval Spain, which existed from 1035 to 1707.
The kingdom of Aragón was proclaimed in 1035 by a split from the Basque kingdom of Navarre under a side of the house of Jiménez. In the first century of its existence it was established as one of the four most important Christian empires on the Iberian Peninsula, next to the kingdom of Navarre, the kingdom of León-Castile, which had emerged from the kingdom of Asturias, and the kingdom of Portugal, Originally limited to the southern foothills of the Pyrenees, it was able to expand considerably southwards in the course of the Reconquista against the Muslim Al-Andalus.
In the middle of the 12th century, the kingdom of Aragón became the lord of the Crown Aragón. This territorial conglomerate was created by the Union of the Kingdom with Catalonia under the House of Barcelona.
Navarre is an autonomous community and province in northern Spain. It includes the part of the historical kingdom of Navarre, located south of the Pyrenees. The capital is Pamplona. After Madrid and the Basque Country, Navarre is the third most prosperous region in Spain.

Circuit Summer KINGDOM OF ARAGÓN and NAVARRA The Fascinating Journey. Guaranteed departure from Andalucia, C. Mancha

7 days – 6 nights
Guaranteed Summer Circuits by bus 2017 for Spain and EUROPE.
Circuit Kingdom of ARAGÓN and NAVARRA The Fascinating Journey. Full board.
DEPARTURES GUARANTEED from Andalusia, Canary Islands, Valencian Community, Estremadura, La Mancha and Murcia
Check departure times according to the city of origin.
Visits: • Zaragoza • Huesca • Castle of Loarre • Tarazona • Teruel • Albarracin • Pamplona • Monastery of La Oliva • Puente la Reina • Olite • Artajona
15 July H3 * 425 €
5, 12 and 19 August H3 * € 370
2 Syyskuu 415 €
10 Syyskuu 405
All departures GUARANTEED
Supplement Program 11 excursions 70 €
Guaranteed Departures
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Departure at the indicated time from the terminal to Madrid. Short stops on the route. Lunch. Excursion INCLUDED to the Temple of Debod, originally from ancient Egypt and 2,200 years old, was a gift from Egypt to Spain for its collaboration in the rescue of the temples of Nubia. Transfer to the different hotels in Madrid. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Early departure to Zaragoza. Excursion INCLUDED to the Monasterio de Piedra where we can enjoy a guided tour of the Cistercian monastery as well as the Natural Park, a place of great scenic beauty, with many waterfalls. LUNCH IN RESTAURANT. Excursion INCLUDED to Zaragoza with LOCAL GUIDE, city that can boast of its great historical heritage. It has been repeatedly calledLady of the four cultures”, that is to say, the Iberian Salduba, the Roman Cesar Augusta, the Arab Sarakosta and finally the Christian Saragossa, where we can visit the basilica del Pilar (17th-18th century) Which was the first Marian monument of Christianity, the Seo (14th-16th century), Zaragoza Cathedral in Aragonese Gothic style, the merchantsmarket and the Aljafería (9th century) former residence of the emirs. Arrival at the hotel. ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Excursion INCLUDED to Puente la Reina, medieval village in which the two main routes of the Camino de Santiago, Roncesvalles and Somport. Walking along its Rúa Mayor will allow you to discover architectural jewels such as the churches of the Crucifix, Santiago and San Pedro. But without a doubt, the Romanesque bridge over the river Arga is that what will most surprise you. Next we will visit the Siege of Artajona, unique example of medieval walled enclosure that remains in Navarre. LUNCH IN RESTAURANT. Excursion INCLUDED to Olite, the Spanish camelot, which gives rise to some of the most famous wines in the community. We will take a guided visit to the Palace of Olite (entrance not included), court of the Kings of Navarre to the union with Castile (1512), was one of the most luxurious medieval palaces in Europe. Contemplating its majestic profile and the elegance of its capricious towers, it is not difficult to move to the Middle Ages and imagine what courtesan life was like in a palace with rich decorations, exotic gardens and even a zoo. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.
BREAKFAST. Stay at the hotel on a Full Board basis. Excursion OPTIONAL with guide Local to Teruel, city that conserves some monuments that are part of the World Heritage site «Mudejar architecture of Aragon»: the tower, roof and dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Mediavilla, the tower and church of San Pedro, the tower of the church of San Martín and the tower of the church of the Savior. LUNCH IN RESTAURANT. OPTIONAL Excursion to the town of Albarracín, where we highlight the Cathedral of the Savior (XVI century), the Episcopal Palace, the Town Hall (XVI century) and the Towers of the Walker, Doña Blanca and La Muela. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION

BREAKFAST. Stay at the hotel on a Full Board basis. Excursion OPTIONAL to Pamplona, ​​capital of Navarra. We can visit places as interesting as the Paseo de Pablo Sarasate, the Plaza del Castillo, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the well known street of Estafeta, which is part of the route of the San Fermines. Its most representative monument is the cathedral of Santa Maria la Real, erected between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, in Gothic style and neoclassical facade. Free time for tapas on the famous street of San Nicolas. LUNCH IN RETAURANT. OPTIONAL Excursion to the Monastery of La Oliva. In the middle of an esplanade with hardly any vegetation, it rises like a complex of medieval buildings. It is the present dwelling of Cistercian monks who can be seen, dressed in white tunics, walking and praying for the cloister of the monastery, giving the visitor the opportunity to attend the liturgies sung by the monks in the vernacular. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

BREAKFAST. Excursion INCLUDED to Huesca, where we will enjoy its narrow streets and ancient walls. Highlights include the Cathedral, the Church of San Pedro el Viejo and the modernist building of the Casino. Continuation towards the Castle of Loarre (Entrance not included), where it emphasizes its towers calledthe homageandof the queenand the church of Santa Maria. Back to the hotel. LUNCH. Excursion INCLUDED to the town of Tarazona, where we highlight the Convent of Mercy, the Episcopal Palace and the Convent of San Francisco. Back to the hotel. DINNER AND ACCOMMODATION.

Early departure to the city of origin (via Madrid). Short stops on route. Lunch. Arrival. THE END OF THE TRIP.

FROM 405.00€

Call us and find out. Ask for Carmen 625 107 650 or Mª Jesus 691 47 56 79. We also attended by wasapp. We will let you know. And we manage the reservation.

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